What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a condition where the muscles controlling focusing of the lens becomes difficult. This results in blurry near vision.

Does everyone develop presbyopia?

Yes! Everybody develops presbyopia. This the main cause is age.

I've been told I have presbyopia. I know someone my age who doesn't glasses for reading. How is that possible?

Having an underlying refractive error (need for glasses or contact lenses) may help reduce the impact of presbyopia. Having myopia or shortsightedness may help with presbyopia. People with presbyopia and myopia usually can read without their distance glasses. Being myopic gives people a shorter focusing area.

Is there medicine I can take or an exercise I can do to prevent presbyopia?

Unfortunately no. Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging eye.

What are the options for presbyopia?

Nowadays there are many options available for presbyopia. We can prescribe you reading glasses, multifocal glasses and even multifocal contact lenses. There are also surgical options but these are often permanent and invasive procedures.

I've worn multifocal glasses before. Have they improved in comfort and vision?

Absolutely! Multifocal glasses have developed greatly. Multifocal lenses or progressive lenses have traditionally had a very narrow corridor - this means the ability to adapt to them were difficult. Often vision was not ideal and neck pain occurred due to the constant movement to get best possible vision.


The lenses we use have a much wider corridor allowing for more areas of your vision to be in focus. This means clearer vision, less neck pain, less visual disturbance and better adaptation time!

We have been fitting multifocal glasses for a number of years and we find prescribing multifocals as an art.

I have never worn glasses before. What options do I have?

Plenty of options! They all involve wearing contact lenses of some sort! We would normally trial using some multifocal contact lenses. Just like multifocal glasses, the design has improved greatly. Wearing time with some lenses can be up to 16 hours. New lens materials allow contact lenses to be more breathable than ever before which allow for the extended wear period. Multifocal contact lenses are not suitable for everyone. We do have other techniques such as monovision and even using Ortho-K to assist with presbyopia.

If you feel that you would benefit from our expertise in prescribing multifocal lenses and contact lenses, why not book an appointment online? We'll confirm a time and date with you after your request. 

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