Contact Lenses

I've worn contact lenses before. Have they improved in comfort?

Recent advancements in contact lens material allow lenses to be more breathable and hold more water content. This is vital for a healthy eye as well as a comfortable wearing experience.

Contact lenses are no longer thick and uncomfortable pieces of plastic!

I've been told I have astigmatism and that I'm not suitable for contact lenses. Is that true?

Previously people with astigmatism had very limited options. Today there are many solutions for those who have astigmatism. We regularly fit people who have high degrees of astigmatism. The lenses we use are also incredibly stable so vision will also be at a high level.

How long can I wear contact lenses each day?

This depends on the type of lenses are suitable for your eyes. Some lenses can be worn up to 12 hours per day.

Are daily lenses healthier than monthly lenses?

We prefer to prescribe daily lenses. Daily lenses are worn for one day and then disposed of. There is no requirement for cleaning and disinfecting. The chances of having a complication with daily lenses are lower compared to monthly lenses.

With proper care, cleaning and disinfecting complications rates with monthly lenses can be lessened.

Can I swim in my contact lenses?


No. There are many microorganisms in water that can get absorbed into contact lenses which increase the risk of developing complications. Similarly you cannot store your monthly contact lenses in anything else besides proper cleaning solutions recommended by us. We will give all our patients proper instructions regarding care of their contact lenses during our examination.

I have presbyopia. Can contact lenses help me?

Presbyopia is an eye condition where focusing at near becomes difficult. You can learn more about presbyopia here.

There are many options with contact lenses. We would generally offer multifocal contact lenses. These have improved immensely in recent years. They have become more comfortable and vision has become more precise. This is excellent for people with early presbyopia and those with long standing presbyopia. This is because lens designs allow for the progression of presbyopia.


Another option is the use of monovision - where one eye is adjust for near vision and one eye is adjusted for distance. Our brains can then work out which image is needs to focus on. This is a softer approach and is a good option for people with early presbyopia.

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